Why Security? A fast growing and VERY flexible industry!

Why security you ask? Well let me help you understand...

When most boys are growing up a Policeman is what they want to be when they "grow up" and funnily enough that was my husband.

BUT he now sees that there are bigger and better benefits to becoming a security guard rather than a policeman!

In our security guard firm my husband and our management work closely with the higher level policeman but without the years of work that it takes to be at that level in the police force.

Let me explain further...

  • Training is completed over a 12 month period generally on the job. Not the months that it takes to enter the police force.
  • Where you work is a lot more flexible in the security industry! You can work close to your family and if you need to move to another area you can usually pick up a job very easily!
  • Changing the world -- working in the security industry gives you a real chance to help and protect others from the undesirables of the world. You can make a real difference in your job as a security guard!
  • A fast career -- it is possible to move up the ladder really quickly in a security firm. If you work hard, show initiative and have passion for your job it won't be long before you advance in your career.
  • For more about the exciting on the job experiences

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    Why Security for Protection?

    It is also a really inexpensive way for businesses, organisations and residences to protect the people and things they love.

    Security are there when you don't want OR can't be there -- picture this...

    It is 3am in the morning and you are at home snuggled up in bed and it is minus... [some rediculous degree of FREEZING!!] and there has been an alarm activation at your business!

    What do you do?

    Get out of your warm bed, get dressed into cold clothes, get into your cold car and drive through the horribly cold whether, hop out of the car and into the freezing conditions, to only get to your business and find that there was a rodent running through the office!!!

    I DON'T THINK SO?!?!

    There are wonderful people [already out and awake!] that secure and protect these premises at night.

    They love their job, they are passionate night owls that scour the streets for people looking to do the wrong thing!

    If you need further explaining about the many and varied security services that the EXCELLENT security guards perform you will get more information at our security services page. To go there now click here>>

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