What Is Security Guard Patrol

For sure, you already have a bit of an idea what a security guard does while on duty but do you know that for additional security they are also doing patrols while working? Both residential and business communities consider patrolling very helpful and there are several reasons why this is required from security guards.

The job of a security guard especially when they are on a graveyard shift can really be very tiring and sitting or standing all day can make them tired. For them to feel energized, rounds are very important. It gets the blood circulating and they also get a good exercise. Also, patrolling gives clients the impression that they are secure and well protected even while asleep. That being said, security guards gain complete confidence from people as they are going to extra mile.

Patrolling is considered to be an essential part of being a security guard. They often use a guard tour patrol system and this requires regular patrols. A patrol staff should have the responsibility to log everything. Some of the information that should be included in the log book is the time, location and many others. The reason why this information should be specified is for the next guard on duty to have an idea what have transpired during the rounds.

It is also imperative that these rounds should be done in a slow manner. It will be rendered useless when you rush through a patrol. It is also important for a patrol to be observant so he can properly get a better idea of what is really going on. He should not also get sidetracked with other people or things especially trivialities. Rounds can be done every hour. Rounds will also depend on the security needs of the facilities. The clients will be the ones to dictate as to how often rounds should be done. When conducting rounds, the right kind of footwear should be worn. The footwear has to be approved by superior officers and the client as well.

A security guard patrol is often needed especially when the area is secluded. Regular patrols are provided in such areas so the client will feel secure that there home is kept safe. More often than not, live guard patrols are more reliable than security cameras as these types of security systems often have limitations. Even if criminals know that their moves are captured by the security camera, they do not really care about it but once human security patrol catches, it is going to be an entirely different story. Criminals usually hesitate committing a crime once there is a security guard on duty and doing rounds.

Patrolling can definitely make a huge difference especially in terms of ensuring that everything is going to fall into place. For clients who are not always staying at home, they will feel a sense of security and safety once guards are patrolling. Although the process of hiring the services of security guard patrol can be a long and expensive process, it will be well worth it once you know how such services can help you in more ways than one.

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