Types Of Security Video Cameras

The demand for the use of security video cameras is on the rise and this is no longer a surprising fact because criminals lurk everything and what seemed to be impossible to catch by human security guards can be captured by security video cameras. There are various types of security video cameras and each of them is intended to be used for a specific location only with a specific monitoring purpose as well.

The most common type of security cameras used for the traditional form of video surveillance is the wired security video camera. The reason why they are so popular is their availability and cheap price. The wired camera can be taken to a long distance and can be used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. It also offers excellent support and if you wish to fix the camera in one location you can opt for this security video camera.

Wireless cameras, on the other hand, offer utter convenience to the user as it can be moved and carried around everywhere. The only challenge with wireless cameras is its range to communicate with the receiver. Due to the fact that it uses digital technology, wireless cameras have clearer captures and high quality recording. It can also be much easier to control as compared to other cameras.

Ever heard of dummy security camera? This is a special form of surveillance camera which is intended and designed for replacing original camera. These are often that exact replica of the original camera and they are kept in a place where it cannot be easily noticed. It keeps houses and commercial properties safe especially from intrusion. The owner of the original camera must take note that the replica should look exactly like the original surveillance camera.

Another important type of security video camera is the night security cameras. There are cameras that cannot capture clear images at night. This is why you can really expect these cameras to not function at night but with night security cameras, it will be much easier to do serious monitoring at night. They have special features such as infrared and this is intended for night time aid.

If you do not want others to know that you have a hidden camera, you can consider the covert security video cameras as these are designed to be used as a regular item. Anyone will not easily take notice of the camera as they are always kept hidden from people. These types of camera are usually running on battery or using wireless technology. They are capable of transmitting the data within a specific range and the receiver is often required to be in a much nearer locations. They also come in micro versions.

These cameras are useful in every sense of the word due to the fact that they have different purposes. If you want to ensure safety and heighten the level of security, these cameras are highly recommended for you. Their purpose cannot be underestimated and they have proven to save lives in the absence of a security guard.

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