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Being a part of the security field hands you a long list of major duties and responsibilities that you have to efficiently perform because people pay for your services and trust that you have the necessary knowledge, possess the right kind of skills, and completed the required training courses to be certified as a security guard.

Now, if you are rookie security guard, it is very useful to get yourself familiarized with the sg manual. A security guard manual may differ from one employer to another. It generally outlines the main duties and responsibilities of a security guard and some tasks specific to the employer they work for.

The number one thing that all sg manuals highlight is the importance of patrolling. Whether a security guard works in a hotel, a bank, a subdivision, a shopping mall or a university campus, patrolling is necessary since it can contribute in the detection and prevention of crimes and other unauthorized activities in the premises.

Patrolling on foot is the most common method, but vehicle patrolling can also be typical especially in larger premises. A security guard on patrol should check for any kind of safety violations like unlocked or opened doors or windows, blocked fire exits and/or extinguishers, and so on.

It is also imperative that a security guard make a log of every patrol they do. They should be able to accurately describe and detail each round, particularly if there were suspicious and out-of-the-ordinary occurrences.

It is necessary that a security guard have a reliable means to communicate with their supervisor or the police. They should also know how to clearly convey information. In cases of emergency, this plays a significant role in the quick action and response to help in any crisis.

There are many more topics discussed in a sg manual that a security guard should know, so they are advised to thoroughly read theirs to excel in this profession.

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