Security Guard Arrested

Security guards are paid to make sure that certain people and properties are safe and secure. They have completed several hours of training and course programs before they got their security guard licenses, so it only is safe to assume that they can be relied on and expected to perform their jobs well.

Unfortunately, there have been many cases of security guards arrested for being involved in different crimes. Instead of them being the ones preventing and stopping crooks and criminals, they end up being the masterminds in several offenses and misdemeanors.

If you go online and search for “security guard arrested,” you will find that there are thousands of news articles about it.

Security guard arrested for theft? Yes, there are so many of them! There was one who stole some musical instruments, which were worth $15,000, from a high school he was assigned to protect. And there was another one who stole cash from some stores in a mall he was working at.

Security guard involved in sexual assault? Yes, they exist! There are actually a number of them out there.

Security guard commits arson? Yes. The suspect actually worked at the hotels that had the fire incidents. He was allegedly behind eight fire occurrences in two different hotels in a span of four years. He set those fires, according to the police, to lower the hotels’ customer ratings so that they became less popular and attract fewer guests. That way, he did not have to work a lot while on duty.

With all these ill-fated events that involve security guards, it becomes apparent and crucial to be more careful and selective when hiring one. Additional background checks, psychological exams, and other assessments may be necessary to filter out the bad apples. But do not forget that these security guard offenders are more the exception than the rule, so do not let the actions of a few affect your opinions on the entire security industry. 

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