Security Door Guard Job Description

Security Door Guard Job Description Overview :

Working as a security guard can be demanding as everybody relies on you for their safety and protection. Because of that, security guards need to go through training and pass several exams in order to know if they are really qualified.

There are several things listed in a security door guard job description. Whether they are assigned to private homes, shopping malls, or university campuses, they must know by heart what their tasks are so as to maintain peace and order.

1. A security door guard job description includes upholding the safety of all the people and properties in a particular designated area. They have to be able to identify threats or signs of misdemeanor or intrusion.

2. They must keep track of and authorize all employees, guests, and others that go in and out of the building or establishment they are guarding.

3. If there is more than one of them working in a certain shift, some should patrol the premises on foot to make sure that all bases are covered.

4. They should check for vandalisms, safety hazards, and other suspicious activities.

5. They must make sure that all gates, doors and windows in the property that have to be locked are locked. Anything that is out-of-the-ordinary has to be watched closely and reported to a supervisor.

6. They need to ensure that the air conditioning, furnace, and others are adjusted appropriately.

7. They may need to escort certain people carrying important documents, money, or assets in and out of the building or to other locations within the premises.

8. They must be ready to issue warnings to people who violate rules or commit infractions, and if necessary, apprehend suspects to prevent more disturbances from ensuing.

9. They must know how to contact the police or fire department the moment any emergency occurs.

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