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A lot of people fear for their lives. The common belief is that once you step out of your home, you immediately put yourself in danger. It is this thinking that most people like to think that their homes are a safe haven for them to be protected and well guarded because they are with their loved ones. However, times have progressed and so have criminals. Criminals are no longer confined to the streets, rather than are braver when it comes to invading people’s homes and robbing what they can, sometimes even to the extent of murdering those living at home.

On average, there are about 6,000 burglars entering homes just when people are out for work or school. Home invasions are even more dangerous because burglars are not afraid if the homeowners are in the house, which may mean the burglar has the intent to kill. Burglars like these usually enter the house from dinner time to early dawn. On average, a burglar can get items or money that amount to $2,000. With that kind of scenario happening everyday, no doubt, close to $5 billion has been stolen from homes all over the country. Because of this growing problem among many people, people have taken it upon themselves to make their homes more secured. For the more economically able, they employ security guards apart from their own CCTVs. For the those who are economically average, the more practical and affordable way to secure their homes is by the use of security door guard (SD Guard). A Security Door Guard will prove to be very useful since burglars will usually kick the front door or the back door. These burglars usually do the kicking move since the door easily opens due to the weak door jamb. What makes a door jamb weak is because of the wood that is not so sturdy. However, when the door jamb is built with metal or steel, then your door cannot be easily kicked especially if there is a Security Door Guard. The SD Guard itself must be strongly bolted in, that is, being deeply screwed into the door jamb that should be made of strong material like metal as well.

With a SD Guard, those people who cannot afford to hire personal security guards to protect them at home. A SD Guard will suffice. However, you should not limit yourself to the usual metal SD Guard where keys are the only way to lock and unlock. To add more sophistication when installing a SD Guard, you can opt for the computerized key card locks. There is another more high end SD Guard that involves biometrics, fingerprints, time and attendance, and proximity door card. Through this kind of SD Guard, you ensure that it is only who can get inside your house. Magnetic locks are also available.

Obviously, you won’t be able to stay up all night to be able to monitor everything that’s going on around your house. So installing a camera that records all movement day and night will help you know what has been going on in your house while you are away. There are even security systems that allow you to view what’s going on inside your home as you log in and view through your very own smart phone.

Installing a complete security system is definitely a smart move, since burglars are coping with the technology as well. By doing so, you build a solid shield around your house, only that it is not done through hiring security guards but by way of electronics.

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