Security Guard Gear

Security Guard Gear overview:

The equipment needed by a security guard is basically the same as that a police officer will utilize during duty as well. It is vital that each guard has the required gear in order to protect not only themselves, but their assigned property or person that they are supposed to be protecting.

Security Guard Batons

Security guard batons are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your work as a security guard.

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Security Guard Boots

With the amount of working a security guard does while working is important that you get a pair of really good quality boots.

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Security Guard Duty Belt

Your security duty belt can be your best friend while working as a security guard...

Depending on how you set it up!

The more streamline and tidy that you make it the better.

We suggest your store the following items on your duty belt:

  • Expandable Baton

  • Torch

  • Mini First Aid kit

    More on Security Duty Belts here>>

    Security Guard Gear - Handcuffs

    Handcuffs are handy to have to container an intruder until the police officials arrive.

    They are available in a variety of models, shapes, sizes and brands.

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    Bullet Proof Vests

    A bullet proof vest is one of the most important pieces of gear assigned to a security guard or officer. Each vest is different. Some are light and soft, which only protect against pistol bullets. While others are much heavier with plates inserted to protect against bullets from machine guns or rifles.

    A regular vest - another type of security guard gear - which is usually the style given to a security guard to use while on duty can stop a low caliber bullet, such as a 9 mm pistol bullet. However, it cannot stop other high risk bullets from rifles. This is due to the fact that the areas that most security guards are stationed at are not too extreme with danger.

    In certain circumstances, there are situations where a security guard is positioned in an area with a large amount of crime, and in this case they would need a higher quality vest. A very resistant vest is one filled with ceramic tiles that weigh several kilos and make them safe from bullets. It does limit their agility to move, but they are safer in the long run.

    Security Guard Gear - Pepper Spray

    Depending on your location, you may or may not be able to be armed with pepper spray. In some countries, it will only be legal in instances involving personal protection, or to enforce crowd control. In many areas of the world, not only guards but citizens are also allowed to carry pepper spray without any license to carry it. In other locations, you will face a large fine if you do not have an appropriate certification proving that you are eligible to use the defense method.

    If the area that you live in does require a license to carry pepper spray, it will be included in your training. Some security companies will require that you keep the pepper spray in a visible place on your belt for easier access, while other companies do not mind if you keep it concealed in another place on your uniform.

    Other items that might or might not be required gear are stun guns, two-way radios, night vision goggles, and a gun. The gun is only required for high risk situations and can only be fired if the guard is fired at first. The most important rule in this situation is that no guard or officer is allowed to shoot unless he or she is in danger, or if other people around them are in danger.

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