Security Guard Duties

Security Guard Duties

The need for security guards is always on high demand, especially in large urban developments. These are the areas where there is a large amount of corporate, government, and industrial facilities. A security guard or security officer is known as an employed person on a private and formal basis who is paid to protect assets, property, and often times, people. These protectors are always in uniform and read to act on demand.

Main duties of a Security Guard

The main security guard duties are observing either directly or via security cameras. When there is a suspicious activity that could lead to threatening acts against a person or property, it is their duty to take the correct action. The type of security guard or officer varies depending on whether they are armed or disarmed. In high risk areas, the guard will typically carry a gun, whereas in lower profile areas there is no need for guns. In this case, the guard would simply notify law enforcement authorities to help further.

Steps to becoming a Security Guard

The steps to becoming a security guard or officer vary depending on where you live. In typical circumstances, the position is open to any person 18 years of age or older. There will be a background check for the applicant; therefore, he or she must have a clean criminal record. The physical labor for the job is usually minimal, unless you are working at a defense agency. Many states require that all applicants have a driver’s license, while others do not. Security guards are usually hired under hourly rates, and the pay varies from $10 per hour for new employees, all the way up to $35 per hour depending on the company.

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Security Guard Training & Duties

If you are interested in security guard duties, there are several steps that you should be aware of. You should first inquire with your local government office to find out if you need a license in order to work as a security guard. For example, many states will require that you go through a specific training, with a certificate or license as proof for the class. The training will cover all legal, operational, or ethical activities that are associated with the job. The training will also focus on homeland defense, CPR, and gang activity.

If paying for the training is a problem, there are many security companies that are in need of guards and will pay for most of your training as long as you work at the company afterwards. Once you have found a security guard company, you can find out details for the job, such as will you be unarmed at a small establishment or armored at a high risk development. No matter which type of position you will be hired as, there will be training involved. If you are hired as an armed guard the duties will differ, you will be required to carry a permit or license in order to carry a weapon. In many cases, armed guards receive a higher pay as opposed to guards who are unarmed.

Security Guard duties and contracts

When being hired with a company as a security guard, most companies require that you sign a contract. They are usually short term. Inquire about the contents of the contract when being interviewed. It is also a good idea to work for an in-house security company that is owned by the business that you are providing the service for. This will keep you from being transferred to new jobs on a frequent basis. In-house security jobs, or permanent work, will usually have better pay and benefits, unlike contracted work.

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