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What do you think one of the highest demanding jobs in California is? A security guard is one of the most in demand jobs not only in California but in the United States as well. If this is the profession that you are considering, you will be assured of finding a job, as the need for security guards is expanding daily.

California Guard Cards

Security Guard Card

In California, the guard card is a requirement when applying for a position. The training that is provided is state approved and has been a requirement since 2004. This was when AB 2880 became a law requiring the Californian security guard to carry a card certifying that he/she has had 40 hours of training. This is for the first year only. Of course, if the guard is going to be armed or carrying a baton, the hours required are more.

Before you get a Guard Card...

When preparing for a guard card, an eight hour course, Powers to Arrest, is required. After receiving this card in the mail, you will have 30 days to complete sixteen hours of training. This training is followed by another sixteen hours that is required to be completed with six months.

Guard Card Renewals

Depending on where you are there are different regulations for renewing your Guard Card.

Some states may allow a grace period but others may not.

Read the Security Forum here to find out more about Guard Card Renewal Information in your state >>

Other optional security guard training

If you want a firearms permit, you need fourteen hours of training for that. A baton requires another eight hours and four more for the permit to carry tear gas and pepper spray. In order to keep your card you will need eight hours of training every year. The cost for the training to obtain a guard card varies by the training facility that you attend.

The first course that is required for the security guard card is eight hours long and partially made up of reading the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Power to Arrest Training Manual and completing any test that is related to this manual. There will also be lectures, discussions, and role-playing. This eight hour course is designed to acquaint people with the responsibility that comes with this job.

In order to obtain the security guard card, this course covers orders and assignments, company policies, and emergency evacuation procedures. The card is one way of making sure that the proper guidelines for training have been followed.

The days when anyone could rent a uniform and become a security guard are gone in California. By requiring training the public should feel much safer because the carrier of the Californian security guard card has been trained how to respond in typical situations. California has taken the lead in requiring that security guards be trained to better understand the role that they play in keeping the country safe.

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911 has changed the Security Industry and Training...

Since 911 the demand for security guards has increased. They are being utilized by more businesses than at any other time in the history of the U S. From airports to banks, the security guard has an important role in keeping citizens safe and protecting the country. The lessons learned from 911 have shown that we cannot become too lax in the security of any part of our country.

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