Loss Prevention Security

Overview of Loss Prevention Security:

What is Loss Prevention?

Loss is the theft of items, services and information, and prevention is stopping these activities from happening in your place of business. The most common form of theft is usually retail theft, which is also known as shoplifting. This is when people target a retail establishment with the intention of stealing products that they can use or sell to another.

One of the misconceptions of these people is that the stores will not have lost anything, or have insurance to cover such losses. In reality, the people who end up paying for the theft that occurs in stores are usually legitimate consumers. The stores will raise the prices of the products in order to make up for the losses they incurred from this type of losses.

What Businesses require loss prevention security officers?

Many different types of companies have found a use of loss prevention officers; usually retail officers and financial institutions have a great need of prevention officers. Because they are finding that thefts are more rampant in these industries, there is a greater need for loss prevention. With financial institutions, they find that not only are they experiencing loss of funds as well as loss of personal information, their computer systems contain private information and financial records of its clients, therefore the loss prevention officers job is one that is two fold. They must protect the information of its clientele and the money that they take in and send out is monitored on a daily basis.

Retail establishments also have a strong need for loss prevention officers, there are many instances of shoplifting, and also times when employees will take some of their finances. These officers job protects both the business and the consumers because many times when theft occurs the retailers will need to increase the prices of their merchandise to recoup some of the funds loss do to these activities. Fraud and employee thefts account for more than 50% of all losses that retailers experience. By hiring qualified prevention officers and security equipment to curb these activities, the retail industry is able to save themselves millions of dollars on a regular basis.

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What to look for when working as a loss prevention security guard

As a loss prevention security officer, you will want to look for suspicious looking characters, and many of the numerous scams that people will run. You will want to know what kind of processes thieves will use in order to remove money and products from your client. Some of the extreme cases that people may use if the fake shoplifting scam where the shoplifter will bring false accusations so that the storeowner loses money. The main job for the prevention officers is to insure the proper maintenance keeps employers and shoplifters from stealing your inventory.

Your loss prevention officer may want you to place uniformed personnel and exit inspection devices that will deter the undesirables (people stealing your items) that will create havoc to your bottom line. In addition, you may want to invest in locked cabinet for you high demand products and a safe for you records and miscellaneous cash, while maintaining the programs that fit into your idea, and be sure to hire only qualified personnel.

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