Hotel Security Guard

The duty requirements of a hotel security guard include many things. You might have to watch video, patrol, maintain order, and possibly provide emergency services. If you are thinking of becoming a guard for a hotel then you should consider the job requirements for this position.

A hotel guard doesn’t normally wear a gun. You shouldn’t be required to wear a weapon of any kind unless the hotel is in a high crime area. Hotel security might have a nightstick or a can of pepper spray to subdue someone though.

One of your biggest duties as a hotel security guard is to maintain order. This means that you will be responsible when things go array that you maintain calmness with the patrons. If there is a fire alarm then you will need to be able to get the customers out of the hotel in an orderly fashion without a panic amongst the people.

Hotel security also needs to provide emergency services also. Some hotels require you to be certified in CPR. This will help in case a customer has a heart attack or a seizure. You can take care of the patient until medical services arrive. This can help calm a panicking family and possibly save a life if the emergency services take too long to arrive. You will be the first person called when there is an emergency inside of the hotel and this does include medical help. You will be more valuable to the hotel being certified in CPR and knowing many other techniques when people have a medical emergency.

Another duty you will have as a hotel security guard is to patrol. The majority of your job may require you to patrol. You will need to ensure there are no illegal acts going on in the parking lots and around the hotel. Your job will be to protect the property, the assets of the hotel, and the customers and employees. People might need to be stopped trying to steal hotel equipment. Fighting occurs often and you may need to break up violence in the hotel.

As a hotel guard you will be required to watch surveillance video cameras. This might be hours of watching cameras. It may seem boring but your attention is required on the screens to be sure there is no illegal activity going on. If you see something happening in the hotel that shouldn’t be you will be able to radio down to the person on patrol and have them check out what you have on the screen.

A hotel security guard has a lot of duties. These duties include but are not limited to patrolling the hotel premises, maintaining order, emergency services, and watching video cameras. You may come into dangerous or life threatening situations and you should be ready for them. It is important to remember that the safety of the employees and the patrons are your main concern with your job. The hotel would trust you to provide that.

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