Become An Armed Security Guard

Become An Armed Security Guard

There are a few things you need to keep in mind to become an armed security guard. You do not just become an armed security guard overnight because it requires training in firearm handling and safety for you to be considered as one. The training which you are going to complete usually varies from state to state. Expect the training to be rigorous as this is the only way that you can qualify as an armed security guard. You need to submit an application form to become an armed security guard and this is done through your state’s Department of Justice or perhaps the Bureau of Security.

It is beneficial to undergo intensive training so you can become an expert in carrying a firearm while on duty. One of the many reasons why you need to be well trained in carrying a firearm is that it opens more opportunities for you to earn more. In fact, this is the reason why unarmed security guards prefer to undergo such rigorous trainings. Career advancement will also be within your reach once you are an armed security guard. Although there are lots of security guards on offer, most of them are only open for armed security guards. Being armed can also protect you against harm. Although it is not recommended to use your firearm while on duty, the situation may just call for it and once you have sufficient knowledge in using your firearm it will not be difficult on your part to keep yourself protected at all times. That being said, it is also an assurance that you can minimize being into dangerous situations while on duty.

To become good at using your firearm, you need formal firearms training and this usually involves weapons retention, self defense and some laws regarding the use of firearms. The first part of the firearms training is weapon retention and this involves the techniques of keeping the gun safe even during an attack. If you are unprepared of the situation wherein your gun is taken from you, the worst things that can happen to you is being injured or getting killed. This part of the training also helps you to retain your gun even in dangerous situations. Self defense is of course, self explanatory. It basically involves various techniques you can use so you can effectively defend yourself even without your firearm. This is going to be useful especially to those who have not used a firearm in the past.

If you are already trained in handling a firearm, the next thing you need to know is the law that comes with it. These laws usually vary from state to state. These laws are something you need to know because without knowing them, it will be very difficult for you to handling a firearm effectively. Being well versed of firearms laws will keep you on the right track and you are not only protecting yourself but the people around you as well.

If you want to know where to get the training for handling a firearm, you need to ask your State of the requirements. If you are a former police officer, private investigator or military personnel you are exempt from the grueling hours of training but you need to register through the state for you to be able to handle firearms.

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