Bank Security Guard

A bank security guard job will include the following duties protecting the employees, the customers, and the money in the bank. This can be a dangerous job in many big cities.

If you want to be a bank security guard then you might be required to carry a gun. Most larger banks require a gun which will require you to go through additional training. Bank security might need to get a certification to carry your weapon. The reason you would need a gun is because banks are often targeted for robbery. When a bank is robbed the person is usually carrying a deadly weapon. Customers and employees have been killed in banks during a robbery. It usually depends on the location and the city the bank is in. Some small towns have never had a bank robbery while a big city like Tucson has robberies all of the time.

As a bank security guard you will be required to protect the customers and the employees. If there is ever a scuffle on the property you will be required to break it up and maintain the order. A bank should be a calm and quiet atmosphere. When a scuffle occurs people panic because many fear a robbery might be in place. Any loud noises can cause panic in a bank.

Your job as a bank security guard is also to protect the money. You will protect the money of the customers and of the bank. If a customer comes into the bank, gets money from the teller, and someone tries to rob them while they are walking away your job would be to protect the customer. This is because the bank needs to be a safe place for people to come into or it will cause the bank to lose customers. Protecting the money of the bank is not only the customers but the banks also. Bank security is required to watch the employees and make sure they are not stealing. The duties will also require you to watch surveillance of the employees and customers. If you see someone who comes in frequently who looks suspicious then you will be required to research it.

You will need to protect the safety deposit boxes and the customers when they need to get into them. You will also be responsible for protecting the vault. This might mean watching surveillance videos and making sure no one goes near the vault. This would even include the employee access as well.

Bank security also has to protect the public and the money in the bank. You may come across dangerous situations. This type of position will require you to be alert at all times of the surroundings of the bank and the people entering and leaving. Order will need to be maintained and a quiet and calm atmosphere at all times. Most banks will require you to wear a gun or some type of weapon to subdue an out of order customer or to provide protection against robberies.

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