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There are a large number of professional armed security guard career options in today’s job market. Individuals who elect to choose this profession are directly responsible for protecting other people, various types of property, and those things that are similar in nature.

Generally, the individuals who develop a career in this profession implement the use of a uniform to stand out as an authority. Furthermore, these people work under a license that is issued by the state in which they are employed. A person may be an unarmed or armed security guard. Here, we will take a look at the professional armed career options.

An armed security is an individual who has taken the fundamental security exam for the state in which they apply, and have established proficiency in weapons. These individuals are often required to monitor and patrol areas that are considered to be high risk when it comes to health and safety, as well as areas that house valuable products. This security guard must actually obtain a license in order to carry the weapon within the role of their responsibilities.

When it comes to hiring security, there are a number of places that specifically seek out armed security guards. The following details some of the opportunities that one may experience in this particular position. If you are considering this career, it is important to know what career opportunities await you!

Job Opportunities

Video Surveillance is a potential job opportunity that many armed guards may enjoy. Generally, these positions may be located at various types of retail stores and financial institutions. This position involves watching for crime and theft.

Security Patrol is another job opportunity that officers in this profession can enjoy. Basically, it is a visible presence to deter any potential criminal activity. When you do this type of work, you may do so on foot, by way of a vehicle, and similar methods.

Retail security is a hot opportunity when it comes to being an armed guard. Millions of thefts occur annually at various places of retail, and it is important for businesses to pay for security services in order to reduce the potential for this to occur. These positions may include having to dress casual or in uniform.

Office security is a position that is considered to be highly sought after. This security service is generally offered when an office houses important documents and files, as well as equipment.

Bank security is another type of opportunity that awaits you. In many positions, you may get the benefit of traveling between various branches. Many thoroughly enjoy this opportunity.


There are many professional armed security guard career options available today. Here, you have been introduced to some of the most common options available today. In order to acquire this type of professional position, you will need to attend and successfully complete a course offered in your state that is accredited. You will also need to complete training and show proficiency in weapons in order to become an armed guard.

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