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Celebrating Becoming a security Guard book 1000th book fr*ee
August 10, 2009

Becoming a Security Guard Book Success -- 1000th book free! August 10, 2009

This newsletter we are celebrating the success of our book Becoming a Security Guard. We have just sold our 995th book and we want to celebrate the 1000th sale by giving away a free copy to YOU!

Click it out here>>

If you know someone who is looking for a new career or who needs some extra cash to get through at the moment order it for them. This could be the thing that they need to help them.

The book is full of excellent ideas about where to get a security guard license, what training they need, why become a security guard and what type of person you need to be a security guard.

There is information about where to get equipment from as well as lots of hints and tips about working as a security guard.

We have received lots of fantastic feedback including one reader who mentioned that the book should be worth hundreds of dollars and my publisher has said that the price will NEED to go up in September so now is the time to receive the book at the heavily discounted price of $9.95.

Buy it here>> If you are lucky enough to be the 1000th purchaser you will receive the book absolutely FREE!

You will receive

  • a free security guard resume template

  • lists of security guard companies contacts

  • free links to quality security guard equipment

  • much more vital information about how to become a security guard

    Security Guard of the Month Nominations

    We are also looking for nominations for security guard of the month. If you know someone who deserves this honor please nominate them to give them the recognition they deserve. Click here to nominate a great security guard>>

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    Be safe,

    Author of Becoming a Security Guard Book
    Ms Small Biz
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