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About 13 years ago we were just starting out in the security industry and really not sure where to start with the legislation, licensing and training. A lot has changed during this time but we fumbled our way through the industry over the next couple of years, and eventually started a home based security guard business which grew to a medium sized business with over 60 employees.

We have now left the security business but still working in the industry helping people wanting to change careers and small business owners to understand the security industry better through Local Security Guard.

During those 13 years we experienced the Security Industry from all sides:

1. Becoming a security guards and knowing nothing about the industry

2. Working as a security guard for security guard companies

3. Looking for security firms to provide us with local security services in other businesses

4. Hiring security guards to work for us.

We understand that most people know that security is an exciting industry to move into but not sure where to get started. So we understand that security guards need support when looking for and starting a new job!

We also know what companies want to see in their security guards.

As previous small business owners we also know what it's like to be in business and not sure how to handle the marketing, training, and human resources part of the business.

We can help you in all these areas

We have found though that after being in the security industry for more than 10 years that there are always many questions about it. Amazingly the security industry is a relatively unknown, BUT very fast growing industry.

We have been through all the ups and downs, but...

Now we want to help you without [hopefully] the ups and downs!!

The security industry is one of the fastest growing industries and as a guard this is a great advantage if you are looking for a new career.

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OK... I think I've said enough...

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